User Management

Create, Manage, and Delete Users

Springmatic makes it easy to add, manage, group, and delete users from the management interface. 

Create New User

Click the user icon on the left-hand navigation bar.

Click 'Admins' -> 'MANAGE' -> 'CREATE USER' to get started.

Fill in the relevant information for the new user. 


To modify, change the associated user group, or delete a specific user, select the user by clicking the checkbox on the left of the user's name and select the appropriate action at the bottom. The bottom action bar pops up only once a user is selected.


Groups are important for micro-managing access to the fleets and levels of control. 

Click 'CREATE A GROUP' to get started. Give it a new name and select the level of permission desired. 

Select the device fleet(s) for this new group to manage. Selecting all ensures this group has the previously set permissions to all devices in the Springmatic management for the specified tenant.


Managing user permissions with specific groups and fleets helps ensure that only those who need access have it. This is particularly important for regional admin control. 

For example, a global admin of an organization can set fleets by locale, say City01, City02, and then isolate sub-members by groups each with their own fleet of devices. This way only the designated sub-members can see and control exactly what they are supposed to, and not what they should not.