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Troubleshooting Remote Control

Answering common issues with the Remote Control interface

Springmatic provides a powerful Remote Control feature as part of its device management stack for easy remote debugging and control of all devices in a user / admin's tenant.


To ensure everything is set up correctly to allow proper functionality, please follow the steps below.

Ensure your browser is the latest version of Chrome


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Springmatic strives to be browser agnostic, but Chrome is the most widely used and therefore most widely tested browser. If there is an issue accessing the remote control, Springdel recommends first trying the Chrome browser to verify. 

Ensure that remote control is allowed on your device

Android 10 and above requires that the remote view is allowed before access can be granted. Sometimes this starts on device boot (GMS devices), other times toggling the remote control function in Springdel Remote Control will enable the pop-up (Samsung devices). Regardless, end user verification can sometimes be required to ensure that remote control of the device is functioning. 

If the above pop-up does not appear or is not noticed, and remote control functionality still is not working, try to enter the Springdel remote control application and ensure it is says 'STOP SCREEN SHARING'. If the button reads 'START SCREEN SHARING' the service is not running. 

Toggling the 'START SCREEN SHARING' or 'STOP SCREEN SHARING' button can also help to trigger the permission notification to allow remote control to appear.

Accessibility Settings

For security reasons, Android will require additional permissions by the device user to allow the remote control of the device. Without this the screen can be viewed, but not controlled from the Springmatic platform. 

Go to 'Settings -> Accessibility -> Remote Control'. If 'Remote Control' is shown as 'Off', click 'Remote Control' and enable 'Use service'. 

Still not working?

Let us know! Springdel commits to getting customers devices fully working and typically will help  iron out issues during the trial phase. Contact us at support@springdel.com