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Android Enterprise: Application Management

Adding and managing apps in an Android Enterprise Profile


Before enrolling devices and access to the Google Play Store can be established, ensure the Google Enterprise Account is created. 

More details are here.

Add Applications

Go to the Android Enterprise existing profile and click the edit image-png-Oct-08-2022-01-04-59-35-AMor create a new one by clicking 'CREATE PROFILE' - 'Android Enterprise'.

Click Applications - App Management. Select one or many applications from the managed Google Play Store iFrame. Approve the app in the iFrame and then Select it to add to the profile.

Delete apps

To delete an app, click on the profile and click the edit icon image-png-Oct-08-2022-01-04-59-35-AM. Navigate back to the App Management screen. Drag the app outside of the selected apps pane.


Click 'Associate Fleet' to have the changes take effect.